California Bound

Big news! We are moving to California! Mo was offered a job in Palo Alto out of the blue, and if you know us you probably know that we have been trying to move out to the West Coast for about 10 years (since we first met). This is the first time that a viable opportunity has come our way so we are going for it! The timing is extremely difficult because Mo’s new job starts about 10 days after our sweet baby is due. This is totally crazy so the plan so far is to give birth here in Miami, and have Mo go ahead of us to start working. My mom and cousin will come stay for a little while to help us, and then we will head out in early September. Yup, it’s as crazy as it sounds! We are so very excited to go to the Bay area that we are willing to take on this next adventure, and if you know anyone out there you think could help us find a great place to live, please put us in touch!

I will write about more details soon, but in the meantime, I have an ode to Miami that I want to share with you.

Jackfruit on a friend's backyard tree
Jackfruit on a friend’s backyard tree


Dear Miami,

I see you and your strip malls, lining the wide roads paved over sand,

shells hiding under your pavement.

I see your trailer parks across the street from casinos,

your traffic jams, everywhere, all the time.

Your poorly stocked libraries, and abundant vibrant flowers and fruit trees.

Your Latin food and music like no where else.

I see your Bentleys and BMWs and Mercedes and Porches, and that’s just at the light in front of me.

I see your street art, jumping off the crumbling buildings with so much color in the sun that my eyes fill up and I can’t think, or over think, or even worry anymore.

I see you for miles, because you are so flat, and so sprawling.

I see your beaches, like I have never experienced before, because you are the only tropical place I have ever been. I feel your white sand and vibrant blue warm water and I know why people vacation here.

I see your strip clubs and worry about the sex trade and human trafficking that I have heard runs rampant here.

I see your people of all colors, shapes, sizes, and styles, and I am so much happier here than in New York. Everyone here seems happier than in New York.

Mostly it’s the sunshine, which I need more than I ever knew. The heat makes me a little crazy sometimes, but the sun on my face never does.

When I walk outside in the early morning or at sunset, and I feel a breeze that was just recently traveling over a warm ocean, I am thankful I got to know you Miami. I never would have known your beauty, or your ugliness, or your strange subtleties if I hadn’t been forced down here by practical circumstances.

I see myself here, in Miami, like I never thought I would.




Here are some photos from our latest trip with friends to our favorite neighborhood, Wynwood.

Photo by Ben (we're not mad, the sun was just in our eyes!)
Looking super tough. Photo by Ben (we’re not mad, the sun was just in our eyes!)
City kids
City kids
City kids part 2
City kids part 2
Enjoying the delicious food at our friend's bakery.
Enjoying the delicious food at our friend’s bakery.
Art lover
Art lover

City kids part 3
City kids part 3


4 thoughts on “California Bound

  1. I wish you the best of luck!! I’m sorry we missed you when you came up north but I guess I’ll just have to make a trip out west, right? Henry has never been to California and he would love to go!

  2. I can’t believe you left! We met at HOME last year. When I came back in the fall I was looking forward to buying some of your delicious gluten free treats! I was the lady that was pregnant with #8. Very happy for your family and wish you many blessings! -Eva

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