Cooking with The Joy of Caitlin

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Welcome to Cooking with The Joy of Caitlin!

For the past fifteen years I have been on a journey of discovery, learning, and healing through food and I am so excited to share my experience with you! I love to feature local, seasonal, and organic produce in flavorful, wholesome dishes. I use healthy, nourishing fats, antibiotic-free and organic (when possible) Kosher meats, and vegetables and fruits from the farmer’s market.

My goal is to make food your whole family will enjoy, that will also improve your health and help you feel great!

I provide a weekly service of:

  • researching
  • meal planning
  • shopping
  • cooking in your home.

I will offer you a complimentary initial consultation, at which time you can tell me about any allergies, likes or dislikes, and general preferences, and you can show me your kitchen so I will know if I need to bring anything special with me. We can talk about what you are looking for nutritionally, if you have any particular goals you are hoping to achieve with the type of food I prepare, for example, more protein and veggies, more adventurous ethnic foods, more kid friendly healthy foods, etc. I will research recipes and send you several ideas and you can pick three main dishes and several sides or baked goods.
The fee for my time is $200 per week which includes:

  • The agreed upon menu includes three (large quantity) main dishes and two sides or baked goods, which can be packaged in individual servings and frozen if you prefer.
  • Research on varied food combinations, flavor profiles and specific vitamin and nutrient rich ingredients that will support your immune and digestive systems.
  • Shopping at local farmers markets with the intention of fulfilling your family’s needs and tastes.  With an eye towards produce that is at peak freshness that will not only taste great but you will feel great too!
  • Timely email communication that will ensure clear communication and overall better results.
  • One day of cooking in the comfort of your own home to ensure the peace of mind of knowing that any dietary, allergy or kosher needs are practiced and appreciated. 
  • The cost of ingredients is additional and will vary by week, with a focus on the freshest seasonal ingredients which should also be at a reasonable price.

This is a service which is tailored to your needs so we can create meals that work best for you and your family!


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Sample Menu (family style)

  • Dish 1: Old fashioned Lasagne with red sauce
  • Dish 2: Israeli Meatballs with tehina and mint
  • Dish 3: Baked chicken breasts with homemade barbecue sauce and rice
  • small dish 1: roasted brussels sprouts
  • small dish 2: chocolate chip cookies

Sample Menu (gluten free, vegetarian)

  • Dish 1: Roasted Seasonal Vegetable Gratin with herb infused cream sauce
  • Dish 2: Pad Thai
  • Dish 3: Minestrone Soup with fresh tomato base
  • small dish 1: Freshly Roasted Maple Tamari Cashews
  • small dish 2: Honey Corn Muffins

Sample Menu (paleo)

  • Dish 1: Roasted Chicken Thighs with Middle Eastern Spices
  • Dish 2: Almond Crusted Pan-Fried Chicken Fingers
  • Dish 3: Slow Cooked Roast with Pomegranate Sauce and Sweet Potatoes
  • small dish 1: Toasted Cauliflower with fresh garlic and olive oil
  • small dish 2: Fresh Red Cabbage Slaw with pecans and local fruits

Sample Menu (vegan)

  • Dish 1: Herbed Focaccia topped with roasted tomatoes and caramelized shallots
  • Dish 2: Butternut Squash Soup with sage cashew cream
  • Dish 3: Quinoa Pilaf with seasonal vegetables and toasted pine nuts
  • small dish 1: Maple Ginger Granola
  • small dish 2: Sesame Soy Green Beans


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